Thursday, June 21, 2007

So, long time no blog.

Right now, it is midnight and I am hearing my daughter SCREAM in her room. She has reverted to screamer Aislinn. I'm just outside listening to her scream. She is mad that A. She has to go to bed, and B. I wouldn't let her take her Nintendo to bed with her and when she said she needed her "best friend" (nintendo) I told her if she was going to refer to it as her best friend, maybe she needed a break from it , and C. I shut my bedroom door so Tony didn't have to listen to it.

Well, so much for Tony ignoring the situation. He is in there screaming at her. ::sigh:: When is he going to learn that that is the WRONG way to handle her tantrums. Although I must admit, she is quiet now.

Oh well, life has been going on as usual. I had my MIL here for a few days along with my niece and nephew. My niece and nephew were fine, it was my MIL I couldn't wait to get rid of. She must think this is her freaking summer home or something, because she doesn't do jack diddly crap when she is here. I mean hello, the woman doesn't have a home, and has been living with other people for almost two years now. I brought her HERE so that my SIL and her teenaged girls could get a break, but the woman sat on her ass for two days straight. TWO DAYS STRAIGHT. She didn't volunteer to fix the kids food, or do a dish, or anything. Well, she did help me straighten up the kitchen, getting the dishes off the table for me. The final straw was today, while Im trying to bust my ass making homemade waffles, and Jonny walks in with a rancid poop. I am missing a beater for my hand mixer (thanks kids!) and thought I could whip eggs with my blender. It wasn't wokring of course, and when Jonny walks in and walks up to her, she says "Jonny, go away. Uh uh go away" I assume from the stank rant smell coming from his ass. So, I stopped wht I was doing, and changed his diaper. My plan before this little interlude happened was go to to the store, get more eggs, and borrow my moms hand mixer to do the waffles right. I thought "Fuck this" went into the kitchen, dumped everything out, announced "Waffles aren't going to work" and went out into the back yard with my cell phone to call my SIL to tell her that her DH needed to pick his MIL up ASAP after work. I was only going to make the fucking waffles because we talked about how good they are and she said she would love to have some. Fuck her.

At least this time she said thank you... I think.

I feel sorry for her, I do, but really what comes around goes around. She cheated on Tony's dad, and now it's biting HER in the ass. It's funny though how she remembers things. She told me that she never screwed around on Dad until after the separation, which is bullshit. I remember going on DATES with she and Rick with Tony. I stared her dead in her eyes when she told me that last night. She seems to forget that I have known this family for almost twenty years.

Anyway, she's nuts, what can I say? We all went to this lake thing on Sunday for Fathers Day and she spent the whole day buttering up Dad's wife Grace. Everyone knows it's because she wants to get close to dad again. I talked to Grace today, and she said at one point Dad and MIL went down to the water with the kids. I guess she tagged along with him. She comes back shortly after upset. Grace asked Bill (Dad) later what happened, why she came back so fast, and Dad said she was down there trying to splash him and play around, and he ignored her, and played with the grandkids. She told me she plans on changing her name back to her previous married name... she says to match with HER kids, but I think it has more to do with it than that.

Honestly, my intention in this entry was NOT to bitch about this woman. Really, I swear. But, fuck she gets under my skin like it's no ones business. She is living off of SIL who can barely afford to pay for the family she has now, she won't look for a job, saying she's never had to fill out an application before, and they scare her. That all the jobs she has previous never required aps. Are you fucking kidding me? She'll be living with Denise FOREVER I'm sure. I feel bad for Denise.

Ah it's quiet in there now. Although, now I have to deal with the wrath of Tony. He came out here blustering at me about if I could hear Aislinn out here, and I said yes. He said "What the fuck do you think our neighbors think?" That she is having a tantrum? Hell, I don't know. Who cares?

Well, off to bed.

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