Thursday, June 21, 2007

These are the people in your neighborhood.

Driving through my neighborhood the only day, I waved at various people who live within the few blocks between my mom and my family. People I have never technically spoken to, other than the neighbor wave, but still it's nice to feel a part of the community.

I pass the house where the man in the cowboy hat lives. He picks his grandkids up from school everday, and he is never without his cowboy hat, even if he's cutting grass. If it's raining, he puts plastic on it.

I pass the house that is across from my moms. They have three sons, my parents have three daughters. Between our two houses, if all the children happen to be at their respective parents house, we had to fight over parking spaces. Whenever my kids trick or treated, she had special homemade treats for them. The mom passed away this winter, at 54. Just died right in her sleep. Even though she had a husband and 3 boys, she always prefered to do the yard work herself. Cutting the grass, and planting flowers. To see her boys and husband this past spring, planting made me cry a little.

I pass the house of the little old lady who spends her days keeping her yard immaculate of any debris and leaves. Alone and spry, she has nothing better to do. Her house is by far the nicest on the block.

I pass the house that has all the eagles in the window. Sometimes it changes to carasoul horses, depending on the owners mood.

I pass by the house with the twins. When I first moved here, they were just beginning to walk. Now, they're big kids in preschool.

I pass the blue house where an older mom and her middle aged daughter live. The daughter is very heavy, but in the fall is forever raking leaves, and I have always admired that about her. Whenever I think walking to school to get Aislinn is just TOO much, I think of that woman, always cheerful, raking her leaves and sweating her ass off.

I pass the house where the old woman with her oxygen tank lives. She sits outside as much as she can, and once when we were picking up sticks with the wagon for the fire pit, she invited us to her yard, and gave us all the sticks in her stick can.

I pass the house where a family with two kids, a boy and a girl live. The mom is very nice, and insisted on taking pics of Aisy and Jonny at Halloween. When we first moved her, her kids would have mini garage sales in their yard. They never sold anything. Now they're older, and this family gives me a glimpse of my future.

I pass our neighbors house, sweet dear Betty who has a wonderful sense of humor, and who loves an off color joke even at 75. She loves my kids so much, always patient with their million and one jokes, taking special delight in my kids runnign toward the fence and yelling "MISSS BETTTTY"

I pass the house where our young neighbors live. Even though they have annoying friends who park in front of their driveway, making it nearly impossible for me to back out, they are still very nice.

I will miss them all when I leave here.

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