Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I got the blahs today. Mainly from a fight Tony and I gotten into earlier today before he left. Basically, he's a man, he sucks, and he expects me to just overlook it becuase he has a penis. Fuck the penis. Well, actually a better phrase would be DON'T fuck the penis, becuase the penis likes the fucking.

Anywhoo, he made a comment about me not doing anything around here. Ironically, today was the day I had planned to clean the house. So, of course I was torn between just doing it to prove to him that YES I CAN do stuff around here, and not doing to to prove to him that HE WILL NOT SWAY ME, so I went middle ground. Did the things that really needed to be done, like vacuum up the chips that were mashed into the carpet, some laundry and cleaning the kitchen. But, I'm not cooking any food, screw that. We'll eat chinese food.

It just really pissed me off. It really did. Ok, yeah, in the big scheme thing, I do get a lot of downtime. But, hello??!! Who pays the bills, and gets the groceries, and does teh dishes, and folds clothes and all that jazz? That's just shit he takes for granted. Who breaks up a million and one fights a day, and who cooks the food that this family eats? Does he think the kids just don't get hungry and or thirsty during the day? Does he think they just sit in a vegetative state when he's not home? Ok, well maybe Aislinn does when she's playing DS, but I still have to hear that loud obnoxious Pokemon music. I change pull ups, try to get J to pee on teh potty, sit outside in the heat so that he can play, change his clothes at least twice now that he knows how to turn the hose on, chase flies, scream at the kids to PLEASE CLOSE THE GODDAMN DOOR, put in movies, etc etc etc ET motherfucking C. It's a bunch of little shit.

So, Im mad, and hurt and I just don't like him right now. In his defense, he didnt just blurt that out, he was mad becuase I pointed out (angrily and yell-ily) that he hadnt brought in the trashcans from yesterday and he was all "Why are you yelling at me, I didnt DO anything" and I was all "That';s my point assclown" and he was all "Well, you don't do anything around here either" and I was all *blink blink* then I stormed away. Like I couldnt evne believe he had the balls to say that.

He has tried apologizing a ton, but I just don't give a flip.

Let's just hope he doesn't piss his hand off, or he'll never get any.

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DisneyDina said...

Ok, so my favorite line in this one just had to be the last line. I laughed out loud at that one! Great!