Monday, July 2, 2007

It's midnight....

And I'm avoiding my husband. How sad is that? Are things better between he and I? A little, but I can't help but be a little snarky and rude, which isn't helping things any. I'm trying, I really am, but I just have little interest in him right now. I'm chalking it up to one of the many ebbs and flows of a relationship, and just assume it will work itself out in the end. It always does. Right? RIGHT?!?

Well, I went and done something wild and crazy this week. About as wild and crazy as it gets for me... I dyed my hair. Red. I like it a lot actually. My hair is just too weird for any of these cute haircuts. It's thin, it curls, if you cut it too short, the ends poke out all funny. I have just come to accept that my hair will just be either a thin mass of slopey lazy curls, and there really is only ONE way to cut it. Yet, I am sick of it. So, I dyed it. First time in probably four years. It came out pretty cute, and it's going to take some getting used to, but overall I am pleased.

The kids are well. Jonny did something very awesome today, he actually took his pull up off, peed in the potty, and then asked me to put his pull up back on. This was right before bed time. I was so ecstatic I squeezed him extra hard. It was cute to hear his tiny voice say "Mommy you're squishing me" Then, when I went on about how proud I was of him he said "But, you squished me all up" He thought my squish was becuase I was mad. I dont know why, as I've never used squishing as a form of punishment before. LOL Funny how their minds work.

Aislinn... sigh. Well, she is doing well physically. But, today let's see, she was grounded from her nintendo, after having it for a few hours yesterday, after being grounded from it for like 10 days. She was forbidden to go into the basement today, since when I asked her to please get me something from down there, she fussed about "being scared" even though she was JUST down there for an hour. I got Jonny to go with her, and I hear her telling him there are bugs down there (he is AFRAID of bugs) and next thing I know, he's running past me going AAAAAHHHHH and she's smirking because she got out of doing what I told her to do. But, I made her do it anyway, and because she was so scared, I told her she couldnt go down there all day. That about killed her as teh big tv and the computer are down there.

I jetted on the family today. Just couldnt handle it. I went to see my sisters new apartment, and just be with my family. It was nice, and we hit a WENDY'S on the way back. All the Wendy's had closed down here in St. Louis, so this was an awesome treat, even though they no longer have the Big Bacon Classic. Hello, why get rid of anything that has CLASSIC in the title? Sheesh. They had something called teh BACONATOR but it was just bacon and cheese. No lettuce, no tomato. Ew. Well, shit who am I kidding? Yum, but I wanted the OLD hamburger since I'm a fuddy duddy and apparantly crotchety about my burgers.

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