Saturday, July 28, 2007

Ok, well Im better. I had serious post Harry Potter let down. I just kind of stumbled through my week, bored and listless. I usually go through this a few days after a HP book becuase nothing else seems to measure up to the wonderfulness of the book. This one was a little more severe as it was the last. So, I've been keeping to myself, and just sticking close to home.

On Wednesday though, I did go to the Botanical Gardens with my sister, mom and the kids. We had a good time. It was a free day, and it was BEAUTIFUL out.

We did have an incident with Aislinn near the end. All I can say is, that girl better go into acting or something.

We were leaving and she ran pell mell toward a water fountain, and was rude to a few people on the way, pushing past people etc. She slams into the water fountain, being overdramatic about her thirst. I was embarrassed so I thumped her on the head, and said something like "Cool it or something"

She then lets out a WAIL of pain, GRABS her head and falls dramatically on the floor. She proceeds to cower from me, and yell OW THAT HURT!! OW! and holds her hands up at her head as if I was going to rain blows upon her at any given second.

I was mortified. I was so mortifed that instead of being mad, I tried to placate her, which was the WRONG thing to do, but people were staring, and my mom said it DID look like I had knocked her down and slapped her around when she came out of the bathroom, just from seeing Aislinn's positioning on the floor. I sputtered to my mom "I... I.... just THUMPED her"

That girl. I swear she is going to put me in the nuthouse or jail one of these days.


DisneyDina said...

Just another example of why I think our oldest kids should have been twins. I could totally see Nicolas doing something like that. How frustrating!

Anonymous said...

Drama queen :)

Might I remind you Sandi, your life is much more exciting than mine and I've been waiting patiently for a new entry... because I have nothing better to do. Entertain me damn you!