Monday, July 9, 2007

This was a blissful weekend filled with.... NOTHING. It was nice. We hung out here, we went fishing, me and Aislinn went to my moms to swim, and then I later took the kids shopping with me while Tony worked on the van (that fucking piece of shit I swear). We grilled some amazing kabobs, and Tony grilled about fifty bratwursts he plans on eating for lunch this week. Whatever dude, thats a lot of sausage for one man. Then again, he IS a sailor, they like their sausage (gay jokes on his expense never get old).

It was just nice. Nice not having to rush around getting four people ready for anything, because you know, they can't do it themselves... ever. I didn't know that being a cruise director was part of the mom list of duties. Take for instance yesterday, we decided to go fishing. I couldn't pull Tony away from Nintendo, or get Aislinn dressed. They just lounged. Finally at five I was like "Hello are we going or WHAT?" Tony snapped out of nerd-vana and was like "Oh it's five already?" Yeah it is dumb ass. By the time we get it together, the bait shop was closed, and we had to buy some half dead mealworms from a convenience store. Tony trekked us through what Jonny calls "The spooky forest" to get to this really disgusting spot. But, we had a really good time, and by the end we had gummy bears and licorice on our hooks. The reasoning was maybe, just maybe the fish were sick of worms, and bugs, and something good like CANDY would make them bite. Didn't work. Iknow I would bite on a hook for a gummy worm, but then again I don't like worms either.

Right now Im just chilling out on our patio, music playing softly, game of Virtual Villagers running in the background. I smell of Off, and I couldn't be happier. Yes, that sound? That sound is the sigh of my contentment.


DuskDevi said...

Hi Sandi!

...that's brilliant!

Hope you're well. Have missed your presence on our little glOrble community but will be sure to visit you here as often as I can.

much warmth


Sandi said...

Thanks Dusk!!