Tuesday, July 3, 2007

I've been feeling a little better. I've been making sure I'm wearing my mask at night to get good sleep which has helped tremendously. Yeah, I havent been wearing the sleep mask often, don't ask me why. I couldn't tell you why. For a long time, it was aggravating my skin, but seems to have stopped, and I was waking up more with it on, than off. Losing the weight (the littel I had lost) was making my sleeping much easier without it. But, now I've packed on some of the weight, so it's helpful.

Tony and I are much better. He has really been trying, as much as he can. Even though he had homework to do last night, he took time to play a game of Sorry with Aislinn and I. Aislinn won. SHe is the Sorry champion. It's so fun now that she is old enough to play games with. I admit, before, a game of Candy Land could send me over the edge with her. She wasn't a RULE FOLLOWER and that is the biggest offense in my book. PLAY BY THE RULES. Poor Aislinn with her unimaginative mother who wouldn't allow her to play willy nilly on the Candy Land board. But, she played well last night. Not expecting us to cut her slack because she's younger. She was even sweet, not wanting to get a Sorry card so she wouldn't have to bump anyone. Getting mad at me or Tony if we targeted each other. We explained to her that it was part of the game, and that even though we may act upset (You know, yelling the typical YOU ASS!) we're really not, and it's all part of the fun. We did try not to bump her too much, as it was her first time playing. The best $15 I spent in a long time.

Speaking of games, when did games get so lame? Really, there hasn't been any new games that seem fun. If anyone has suggestions, I'd like to hear them. The only thing I could find really was Trouble (and I really don't like that game, as we played it A LOT as kids) she is too young for Life or Clue. But, now all these games are either a total marketing tie in with something. (Littlest Pet shop, Thomas the Train etc) or have some form of electronic device (DVD) that you need. What is up with that? I guess the Classics are Classics for a reason right?


Jeney said...

I don't think Aislinn is too young for Life. We have it and Spencer loves to play. We have to help him with the money thing still but it is still fun. How about these: kids Monopoly, Kerplunk, Mouse Trap, Battleships or chess/checkers.

awillaum said...

We have the SpongeBob version of Life :) complete with the Krusty Krab ;) We can play it with Cate no problem ;) I was going to suggest Monopoly Jr. also ;)

Oh, and I'll put a pencil in my eye if I have to play another round of Pretty Pretty Princess - Cate gets mad when I get to wear the crown :)

The Six of Us said...


Bon Bon Mom said...

You may be unimaginative but at least you aren't like me and just flat out mean when playing with kids. Sorry, I know you're a child but that doesn't mean I'm going to play nice. I'll play by the rules but you ain't getting no special treatment just cause you're young.

M & E have played some game called Apples to Apples that they just love. And there's another one that a family I know says is the most fun ever. I'll see if I can find the name for ya. ;)

Bon Bon Mom said...

All right, found it. It's Pop5 from Cranium. At least I think that's the one. But it's for older people like us. Adults and teens.

Looking around that site though it looks like The Family Fun Game would be a lot of fun.

Other than that there's always cards. I remember playing Spades as a little girl forEVER with my friends. Ooooh, and Uno!