Saturday, July 14, 2007

Yet another reason why Wal-Mart sucks.

Good thing they have the whole LOW LOW prices going for them, or I swear I'd never shop there.

Just a little FYI. If you have to go to a baby shower, and say the recipient registers at Wal-mart and Guns for Tykes, just shop at the the gun store, because trying to find shit at Wal-mart is impossible.

I wasn't even aware that Wal-mart allowed you to register there. I guess rednecks need a place to their bridal Nascar bedding somewhere. Anyway, so when I got the invite it said registered at Wal-mart and Babies R Us. (note to future shower throwers, putting where the person is REGISTERED... big no no. I'm not too hip on manners, but this is just saying "Hey buy gifts" It's a shower, we get it, we know we have to buy gifts, and I know that I can call to see where recipient is registered) I looked at both registries online, and noticed that no on bought anything at Wal-mart. I figured.. well since no one bought there, and its open later I'll go there. They had to have registered there for a reason right?

Oh. My. God. I wanted to go to the sporting good section and buy a gun and SHOOT myself. One thing about Wal-Mart is.... their stores VARY greatly on what they have at each store. The person having the baby lives in a predominently white middle class area. Which means, they have NICER stuff out there. Here in ole RacialDiverseton, our Wal-Marts don't get a lot of that fancy high falutin' crap.

I couldn't find ONE thing on this womans list. OH wait, I did find one thing..... A baby on board sign. WHAT THE FUCK?!? Who still makes those, and REALLY who still WANTS those? The possibility of someone SEEING that and then quits driving like a douchebag hopped up on a speedball is pretty nil. But, this person (who is having the baby) does like her holiday sweaters... so I guess it fits.

SEE??!!!??? That's how mad I am at Wal-mart!! I just insulted a really nice pregnant lady and her fucking holiday sweaters. Staring at tiny UPC codes will do that to you.

Lucky for me, Carter has whored itself out to the poor, and has a line of clothing made for Wal Mart. Double lucky for me, a shit ton of them were on the clearance rack.

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