Sunday, July 22, 2007

Today has been an emotional day for me.

I finished reading the last Harry Potter book, and earlier I watched a great film Apocolypto. Both of these things have given me a great insight into our human spirit. Although we all flawed creatures, as humans we have the greatest gift of all... to love. Fully and without restraint... we can chose to love, and fight for love, and die for love.

I sit here, throat knotting up with sobs. I've cried a lot today.

I am afraid to write to much, as I don't want to ruin Harry Potter for anyone. So I end here. Just go on everyone loving those around us. Love your children, love your husbands, love the sky, the moon, the wind.

Love is the answer to everything we are.

Go forth today and love forever. Love is never a mistake, or something you will regret. If you have one time loved a person who you know longer love, that is ok. Love is never an accident.

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Bon Bon Mom said...

I haven't read the latest HP book, or seen the movie you speak of. However, I couldn't agree with you more. Reading your post made me think of 1 Chorinthians 13: 1-13. Commonly read at weddings, it's my belief that these verses have been so overused that the true meaning of them is overlooked. You've said it perfectly though. Without love, we truly having nothing.