Thursday, July 5, 2007

Happy 4th people!!!

Right now, I'm listening to about a billion fireworks going off in my area.

Yesterday, we did the fireworks show. Kids love fireworks, but as an adult, I find that they're just boring. They always look the same. Jonny loved them though, and would point to the sky and yell "YES!! ALRIGHT" He was really, really into them. Aislinn, she sat on my lap the whole time with her fingers in her ears. She just really hates loud noises. I sympathize as I do too. Plus, the flashiness of the fireworks always gives me a headache.

Today, I woke up at ONE THIRTY!! I couldn't believe it!! I thought it was like 10 at the latest. I don't feel bad because obviously I needed it. I didn't wake up at all this morning, and I felt refreshed when I did get up. We were supposed to go to a party that started at noon. I felt bad, so I told Tony to call them and tell them I had a migraine and couldnt make it. He said "Well, Jonny has a fever, so we probably shouldn't go anyway." I felt Jonny's little head, and yep sure enough, my baby was sick. :( I gave him some Tylenol and we all laid in bed and watched Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. About 3:30 or so Jonny started to bug me about me going to the party, so we hurriedly got ready (after making sure we weren't too late) and headed out there. The party was being thrown by our friends mom. She is a super nice lady, and has always been so sweet to my kids in the past. She found love through a personal ad, and luckily enough for her, the guy ended up being LOADED. He is such a nice guy too. We're driving through her neighborhood, and me and Tony are all "Holy shit look at that house" over and over. I have NEVER SEEN houses like this before. Straight mansions!!! They have the smallest house in the neighhborhood (but trust me, it's nothing to sniff at) and it's GORGEOUS. Wrap around porch, lots of yard (that her DH cuts with a PUSH MOWER FOR THE EXERCISE!) and just all around beautiful. This how great this lady is... she went out, and got all new outdoor games, about 1o NICE squirt guns for the kids, a sprinkler, the whole works. We had a lot of fun. The kids were great. We had to give Jonny some Tylenol when we got there, and by the time we left it was wearing off.

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