Monday, July 16, 2007

Yesterday I took Aislinn to the Fox Theater to see The Lion King. It was a very nice mommy and Aisy evening.

We walk in, and of course right in the middle of the floor as soon as you walk in are souveniers. I offered to buy Aislinn a shirt (as hello, when are we going to do THIS again?) she looked at all the things, and picked of all things... a keychain. Man that girl cracks me up. She doesn't even onw keys. I threw in some pencils to round out the fun, and got myself a coffee mug. We walked around the theater and ooh'ed and ahh'ed over its grandeur. It's a very old, very ornate theater. As long as I have lived here, I have never been. We did a bathroom run, and we took pics and got our snacks.

We sat down, and the opening scene brought tears to my eyes. I'm a bit of a sap that way, even the cartoon gives me a lump, but seeing it live. Wow. The "animals" came down the aisle during the opening scene where they all come to be introduced to Simba as an infant. I kicked myself for not getting tickets down there. If you get an opportunity, please please go see this. It was amazing!! During the opening of act 2 they had people sparsed throughout the theater flying birds. One woman was standing at the end of aisle, singing and waving her bird around. Very cool. The costumes are phenominal. They way they did it is part beauty part engineering wonder. My personal favorite was the cheetah. A man wore a cheetah from his waist, his two legs were the back legs. His head was connected to the cheetahs head. So everything he did head wise, the cheetah did as well. Amazing. Everytime Mufasah and Scar lowered their heads, the headresses they were lowered over their faces. Two people wore stilts on both hands AND feet to make giraffes. I felt especially bad for the hyenas. They spent the whole play in hunched over positions. Could not be comfortable. They used people to represent plants. Very cool.

Aislinn was entranced. She didnt even want to get up to pee until intermission.