Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Time for school yet?

I remember the first time I watched The Joy Luck Club. There is a scene where a mother and her teenaged daughter are sitting around a fire. The mother is lovingly feeding her daughter all the good nutricious things out of her own bowl. She cleans her daughter careful, getting her all dolled up. She then takes her daughter and gives her away, never to see her again, as she starts a new life off as a young bride. Off to make a million boy sons.

I always thought, how sad. To have to raise a child, a girl probably close to your heart, and then have to hand her over to strangers and pray that they love her as much as you've loved her. I never understood how a mother coudl give away her daughter just like that. That was before, you know I had a daughter of my own. What they DONT show is the snotty daughter slamming doors, and that mother dancing a jig all the way home that she no longer has to deal with all that attitude.

Ok, yeah that was mean. But, today is DAY TWO of summer vacation, and as much as I love Aislinn, it';s been too much. We have had tears everyday so far. I've made it a point to get the kids out of the house each day for a few hours at least. Yet, this is never enough for the darling sweet daughter. It's not enough that I have spent a total of $70 on a new pool and chemicals for this pool. It;s not enough that I spent two hours, cleaning OUT the pool, using one of my sexy thigh highs wrapped around a play tennis racket, in the hot sun. Oh no. I'm evil. I didn't TAKE THEM FOR A WALK. Even though I PROMISED, and heaven forbid you know I was just exhausted after all the fun I had.

She has eaten all my graham crackers and when I got pissy about it handed me two small rectangles and said "Here are the last two" and when I said "Gee thanks" she responded "Well, it's better than none at all"

In the good ole days, when people just didn't know any better, you would have just walloped your kid one for saying something like that to you. Now, you just kind of sputter, and turn purple in teh face, and talk through unmoving lips and in a horrible hissing voice.


DisneyDina said...

Yep, I know the feeling. I think at one point today I was ready to hand off all 3 of my kids to anybody who would take them. Unfortunately, even though I wasn't keeping too close of an eye on them at the mall today, nobody else seemed to want them. ;)

The Six of Us said...

I'm already anxious for fall and the kids are still in school! LOL

Jeney said...

You know where she gets all that attitude right?