Thursday, June 7, 2007

Started off a nice entry ended in a man rant full of F bombs.

Yesterday was a better day. We went for the damn walk Aislinn had been bugging me about. She rode her bike, and we went to my moms. While there, my sister took her for ice cream with her boyfriend. Then we went to my sisters softball game, where my dad was umping at the field next to hers. Even Tony went with us. The whole family was there... well except my sisters husband, but he was working, so he's excused. LOL

I've been feeling not so hot today. Last night, is when it really kind of hit. My face felt stuffy, and I was coughing here in and there, and feeling worn out and tired. I laid on the couch to read, and Jonny came and laid down with me, and he and I fell asleep on the couch, butt to butt. I know I had to have farted on him a few times. LOL I left my kitchen a MESS which was not fun to wake up to this morning. Oh and do you think Tony, being the husband and father of our family helped me out with that? OF COURSE NOT. Fucker.

Ok... man rant. I love how a man comes home from work, and is just "done" He eats, he lays around watching tv, and that's it. But, me I'm fucking doing dishes or laundry or dealing with kids until fucking midnight or later. Do you think he grabs the broom and helps me sweep while I'm washing the dishes to the meal I cooked? Oh! And I love how they get a fucking ATTITUDE when you DO ask them to help, or they leave you hanging until they feel a sufficient amount of time has passes to let yo know they won't be bossed around. Take last weekend for example. I spent the weekend cleaning, and taking care of the kids, cooking all the meals etc. While he laid in bed watching movies all day, I finger painted with the kids, watched Aislinn's "water show" blah blah blah. I asked him on Saturday evening if he would PLEASE run and get me a paper, so I could go grocery shopping. A FUCKING HOUR passes and he's still not gotten it. Finally I get pissy, he gets pissy becuase I was pissy, saying "Well I didn't know you wanted it now?" REALLY? Well, helllllooooo ASSHOLE it;s like fucking 8:3o at night, and I told you I wanted to grocery shop TONIGHT. By the time he got the fucking paper, and I clipped what I needed it was almost 10 oclock. So he stayed home and played on the computer (which he fucking hogged all weekend) and I got to go GROCERY SHOPPING. How the FUCK?!? is that FAIR?!?!

But, I didn't say anything. What's the damn point right? He doesn't care. If he did, he'd do something about it. I'm going to have to say something soon though, as I have been holding a grudge which is never healthy. Just the site of himmakes me want to vomit at this point.

Last night he was all "Oh you're are SO going to GET YOU SOME tonight" I was really offended by this. I said "Well, what makes you think I want anything you're giving?" "He said "Oh you do" then I think he finally noticed my attitude and said meekly "Um or not, whatever you want"

Damn straight asshole.

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DisneyDina said...

I think I was reading through that post going "yep...uh-huh" quite a bit. I absolutely do not and never will understand that when we ask the man to do anything, he will wait and wait and wait until we pretty much just DO it and then I get the "I was GOING to do that". Well WHEN? Next week? Next year? So frustrating! Then he wonders why the kids don't jump when he asks them to do something. Hello? Because they are behaving JUST LIKE YOU! Ok, rant over for me now too! Preach on sister!