Monday, July 28, 2008

I <3 my kids

I do. They're just the most wonderfulest things evah. I love when they play together, and they just laugh and laugh. Usually about a body part or function. Like beans, or poop, or farts. But, that's what being a kid is about right?

Jonny brought me a HUGE weed/flower roots and all today. He was just tickled that I put it in an empty sweetener bottle I was about to pitch. It's on my table, it's really ridiculously tall, but it was worth it to see how proud he was. He told me he was going to marry me tonight.

We went to see Wall-E last night. I love Pixar movies, but I had heard that this movie was dull. I disagreed. Both kids were glued. Jonny got scared a few times from the noise, so he would dive under the table when it got loud. (we went to a dinner and movie place, which is why there was a table) At one point he looked at me with an awestruck voice and said "That.was.the.loudest.noise.ever!" He hates loud noises. At the bathroom there, they have a turbo jet engine you use to dry your hands. He was so freaked out by the noise, he couldn't even pee, becuase he couldn't hold his junk, and cover his ears at the same time. His noise sensitivity is probably my fault. I used to yell AWWWWWWWW MONKEY TOES at him when he was a baby to watch him cry. Yes, I know... I am evil. But, Jonny had and actually still has a perfect frown. It's too cute.

Today, they played in the sprinkler, and are now naked and goofing off, that will come to an end when party pooper daddy comes home. Right now, they're discussing CAR INSURANCE. I don't know why, but it's funny.

Today, I am probably going to do some running around. ALONE. Or, I'll take Aisy. She needs some special mommy time. I want to find her some more swim shorts. Not like the tight boy shorts kind, she likes the actual girl styled trunks. The only difference between the boys and girls, is that the girls don't have the mesh, they have a swimsuit panty thing in there. The one I got her is already too small, and it's of all things velcro, so it doesn't stay closed very well anymore. I also want to find wii fit. I NEED wii fit.

We're hoping today, Tony finds out what is going on with his leave. I called him earlier and he had his phone off. Probably so I wouldn't call and bug him about it, but I wasn't calling about that! My water bottle is missing, and I can bet dollars to doughnuts, that he accidently took mine, and put some disgusting fruit drink in it. My water bottle has had nothing but WATER in it since I got it. There is nothing more gross than having the slight taste of whatever drink was in there before mixed with your water.

Anyway, at this point I am hoping that MAYBE we can go back to our ORIGINAL plan of camping with our friends on the 1st and then hanging with fam, then I leave for girls weekend from St. Louis, then we go home. If we do it the way we have now with us coming in on the 5th, leave for girls weekend, come back, hang with fam more, we , well no I actually I would have NO time to hang iwth my friends back home. Becuase the following weekend we'd have to travel to get back home, and that just stinks.

Who knows though. It will all work out in the end. I kinda wish we had flown. I figured up gas, adn we'll probably spend about 800 bucks on gas alone!

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