Monday, July 14, 2008

The Pros and Cons

The Pros to having Tony gone

The house is so much cleaner!

The kids are better bevaved.

All the cups, bowls, and glasses are all present and accounted for.

No stinky cigarette smell.

No feeling guilty about not having sex.

Splenda packets go directly into the trash, not forming a community on my counter.

No stress over when is he going to do BLAH BLAH BLAH I just do it, since I'm the only one here.

I can sit wherever I want on the couch.


The cons to having Tony gone.


Carrying Jonny's heavy butt up the stairs when he falls asleep.

I can't say "Go ask your dad for blah blah blah"

No one to share LOLCats with.

I have to take the trash out.

No one to oogle me when I get out of the shower.

I miss his smell

The bed all to myself.


Aislinn just handed me a contract. It is to and I quote "Hand over the boy" which would be Jonny. She informed me I would still have to take care of his needs like clothing, housing and feeding the aforementioned boy, but he is now her "employee". I'm scared for Jonny. Very, very scared. I mean, she had me sign, initial and everything! She had her shit together. I'm afraid I just signed over a very legal contract. I wonder if spelling counts in a contract? If not, I may have some explaining to do when Tony gets home.

I've been having major insomnia, and was up until five am this morning. I am now exhausted, but I have errands. I need to go do them soon. TOnight I'm skipping my nightly cups of Joe, and hoping the headache I get from not having my nightly caffeine dose will send me to bed early. When I got up, I did my business and signed on to the internets to see the happenings of the world. Firs thing I see, Aheuser Busch sold to a Denmark Company. I literaly yelled "Oh no!" I didn't know this would affect me, but I've been fighting tears all day from the shock of it all. All those people, my father in law included! What if they lose their jobs? What if they move the plant out of St. Louis? The city may never recover! Another American company no longer an American company. I called my in-laws and they are of course at the bar. :( One of the bars that will more than likely close if AB closes. :( Soulard will be dead.

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