Sunday, July 13, 2008

Well forget you internet

I see how you are. I make it 200 posts without moving blogs, and I get no pats on the hiney? Herumph. I am no longer speaking to you internet.

Seriously,who am I kidding? I am just one voice in billions. Who DOESN'T blog at this point right? I ain't special. O wouldn't be surprised if Aislinn has a secret blog about how to aggravate your mother on a daily basis, but still make your mom want to do your bidding.

We got into an argument yesterday. I will say although she aggravated me, I did see how much Aislinn has grown. Last year this argument would have resulted in a stomping, screaming fit while at the store. Yesterday, she just wept quietly. THAT I can handle. I've always said that I understood that Aislinn isn't faking when she is upset. It's not some "I'm going to hold my breath until I get my way" kinda thing. She really feels the anger/hurt/disappointmet so much that it manifests itself with crying. It was the over the top displays that got under my skin. Even if it was a legit response on her part. I think it would do that to anyone though.

Aislinn is essentially a party pooper, and this is annoying. Yesterday, I was all "Hey let's go to the PARK" even though I hate the park. I grab a book, and Aislinn grabs a book, and we drive to the nice park. We get there, and the tire swing is gone. Aislinn is upset. But, she plays for about 10 minutes then it's all I'm bored, there's no tire swing, I don't like it here. blah blah blah.

For some really odd reason, when Aislinn is unhappy, I feel this need to correct the situation. If Jonny is unhappy, I tell him to deal with it. I don't know why, and I finally realized yesterday what Tony has been saying about giving in to her. I do. If Aislinn isn't happy at the park, then I'm, all "Ok, well how about we go to the beach tomorrow instead. Let's go to Target so I can ge a beach chair, and you all can get a new toy" WTF is wrong with me? Granted... I had already planned on taking them to the beach, but a new toy? Because the tire swing is gone? Sheesh.

So, we pack it up, and at the grocery store getting my prescription it comes out that Aislinn does NOT like the beach. She went on and on about how she doesn;t like it, and the sand, and she's afraid of getting stung by jellyfish. Now, I'm disappointed because my plan was to go get this Twilight book everyone is raving about, sit on the beach and read, but how can I do that knowing I am causing my eldest daughter so much aggravation? So I said "Fine, we won't go. Let's just skip TArget and go home"

This is where the tears come in. See Little Miss Party Pooper, she still wanted to go to Target to get her toy. And I wasn't letting her. So she cried. Then she said "Ok now I want to go" and I said "Too late. This family does not do things just because you said so. Maybe next time you'll rethink all your complaining before opening your mouth" So she cried in the Harris Teeter.

I will say this about her though, she did apologize later on her own, and she did say that maybe she was just being crabby. I know that she only said those things in hopes of making a trip to Target. But, I'm not stupid. You know what she would have done? We would have gone to Target, and she would have gotten teh toy and STILL whined about going to the beach. But, I am proud of her that she was able to remember to do those two things.

I think she didn't want to go to the beach because on the weekends is when the girl down the street can play. She goes to summer camp and doesn't get home until 5-ish. So she can't play during the week. I think Aislinn was worried about missing the opportunity to play. Like now she is playing with the boy down the street in his pool. He usually can't play during the week either.

Tony is gone, and with this comes the everyday phone call. Which is funny because i used to expect a phone call from him everday, the usual, it only takes two minutes to call, you don't have two minutes to call me? Now, he WANTS to call me, and I'm all yeah you don't HAVE to call everday. Actually I never say that would be mean. But, it does show me that Tony probably loves me more now than ever, and I think me not needing to talk to him everday is proof that I love HIM more than ever. Isn't it funny how that works?

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