Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Some women pay good money for these kinda highlights

Look at this childs wild hair. It's pretty though, it just always looks messy. As an adult she can definitely pull off bed head, but as a kid it just comes off as unkempt. It actually looks like my hair when I was a kid. I was always in trouble for having "messy" hair. I just couldn't help it, just like Aislinn can't. As long as she brushes it before she goes out, I'm fine with it.
Aislinn has been a true delight this summer. I was really dreading it, but we've had only a few boredom complaints. The cheapie pool, Nintendo Ds and Wii have been a help with that. Like this picture here, she can't tear her face away from the DS. She wasn't too hip on me taking pictures of her for some reason. She's starting to act more tween-y. Mom's not to fun or cool anymore.

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