Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Warning poo mentioned.

Tony came home last night. After the kids went to bed, we watched tv, and headed upstairs........where I tried to poop and he was alseep by the time I came back to the room. Hot! We're so old. It's ridiculous, he's been going 11 days, and it's like no big deal to not do it when he gets back. It is hard to do it when you're tummy is full of poo though, and then you talk about it extensively. I wouldn't want to do it with me either.

Seriously, my stomach is distended and bloated. I've gained three lbs and I know it's just from the poo collecting in my stomach. I don't know what has changed in my diet other than almonds. I haven't been eating them like I used to.

Today I am actually considering going to Wal Greens and getting something for it. I don't think I've ever felt this constipated before. I don't plan on taking anything drastic, just getting some magnesium. I read that taking a magnesium supplement will help with this, and that people taking calcium should take the magnesium.

I woke us this morning semi migrainy. I can't explain why, other than maybe from me starting my period soon. I had to cancel our play group and I just want to STAY HOME. I have been very busy this last week. Yesterday and the day before it was almost four hours in the van taking Aislinn to and from Williamsburg. It's usually only an hour, but with rush hour traffic it's much much more.

Aislinn was fine with it, Jonny was mad. But, you know, he can get over it. If I feel like it, I may go to the beach later with them, like later later. But that's a big IF. I may just decide sitting in the AC reading is better.

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