Friday, July 18, 2008


I don't know how much more I can take of these horrible, horrible kids. Right now they're upstairs taking a bath. For some reason, Jonny won't Aislinn wash his hair, and I refuse to go up there and deal with it, because honestly I just don't have the strength. I really, really don't.

I just want to lay on this couch, with my down comforter and my book, and just STAY there for the rest of the night. But, no I can't.

We just got back from the beach. Granted it was me who wanted to go,and I would have stayed longer but Aislinn refused to wear a swimsuit to the beach, claiming she didn't want to swim. After much back and forth, I said FINE but she wasn't allowed to swim in her clothes. She could wade if she felt like it, but she wasn't allowed to swim. What kind of kid doesn't like the beach? Tell me? Anyway, we get there, to a new section we've never visted before, and of course Aislinn was kicking herself for once again being a stubborn mule. The waves were minimal, there was a sandbar that made the water clear, and you could see crabs and stuff. She kept going on and on about how she WISHED she could GET IN THE WATER. I would say back "I WISH you had listened to me when I told you to WEAR YOUR SWIMSUIT!" At one point me and Jonny went out kinds far in teh water, and she followed us, I told her "Sorry no swimming in your clothes" so she had to go back to the shore and watch.

Then on the way home, they asked what was for dinner and I told them bulgogi. She was like BULGOGI?!?! What's THAT?!? It sounds NASTY! I calmly told her that she says that EVERY time I make it, but usually end up scarfing it down. I said "You know the beef stir fry that's kinda sweet? You know what I'm talking about? She was like "Ew no! are you sure I like it?" and I said "Yesss Aislinn we always go through this" a couple minutes go by and I hear her like shudder and say "Uugggghhhh" I asked her what was wrong and she says "Beef isn't supposed to be SWEET!" we had stopped talking about this for a few minutes at this point, so it was just out of the blue.

I told her fine, she wasn't allowed to eat any of it. Then all of a sudden it was "No I want to" I told her no. That she would be kicking herself when she realizes what it is, and she is not allowed to have any. She begged me. I told her no. Seriously she can eat cold raviolis. She has got to learn to shut her mouth.

So, now they're in the tub an dhave been up there forever. I may not be able to do the bulgogi bit tonight anyway now. It's getting late. I'm tired, and they're taking too long.

When Tony gets home, I'm packing my book, my water bottle, and my mp3 player, and I'm going to go sit at the beach ALONE for awhile. Won't that be nice?

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