Friday, July 25, 2008

Summer dreams

Can you believe that July is almost over? KUH-RAZEE I know! Aislinn will be going to school in like a month! We've already gotten most her school supplies since I hate elbowing people out of the way just to get to the pencils that are usually gone. I wanted it over and done with early.

Today, we had a very fun day. We went out with our playgroup and spent the whole day OUT OF THE HOUSE. I know right? Don't have a heart attack. I've been doing that a lot lately.

We went to this little place... it's hard to explain, well ok not really, but you pay these people to let your kids play with their toys. Just think of the ultimate toy room. That is what this place was like. The best part is, you don't have to pick up after the kids! Someone does for you! It's like a kids wonderland. They can play, and change their little spazzy minds as their attention switches to something else, and no on is yelling "Hey pick that up!"

Actually, I commented that if I were to go to hell, my personal hell would be to work there. This place bumped pedicures in hell right off my radar. Having to pick up after kids No thank you.

They did have one worker that was OBSESSIVE. She probably loves picking up all day long. If a child walked away for a second, she put the toy up, and then the child would come back looking for their toy, and it would be gone. One girl on our group had a baby doll with a stroller. She would "park" it, and come back and the stroller would be gone! Dollnapped! After this happened a couple of times, she started carrying the doll EVERYWHERE. I would too if someone was stealing my baby!

I got to hold (and sniff!) and four month old today. No baby lust. I just sniffed her babylicious head, and let her gnaw on my fingers. Then I handed her back. It was nice. The handing back part wasn't even hard. I didn't feel the need to bite her cheeks, or hug her hard enough to make her soft spot bubble out, so that's good right? I was having some bad baby lust, but I think being around these younger kids (babies-toddlers) has kind of satisfied my need. I kinda thought that would be the case. Before I joined the group, I thought maybe I would take on a baby to care for during the day, just to give me that taste. Come to find out I didn't need that big of a baby bite. I'm glad I found out before I got myself into something that I would have regretted. I bet it's hard to play Guitar Hero with a baby here. I don't think a baby could sleep to Barracuda or Slow Ride.

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