Friday, June 13, 2008

I think I am getting a summer cold. Even though the temperature in the house has been a consistent 75, I've been sweating non stop. My throat has been scratchy, and I have a small cough, and I hocked a green loogie this morning. Also yesterday I slept ALL day, as in 9 am to 5 pm. EIGHT HOURS on the couch with just a few wakings. Lucky for Jonny Tony came home ridiculously early. I didn't eat, I didn't drink, I didn't do jack except sleep as if it were my job. I did it well yesterday.

Of course when I woke up, the house was a mess. I had kind of picked up before I laid down on the couch. I even purged the toy box. I woke up and it was terrible. I was kind of mad at Tony about it. I mean, come on. If you see me sleeping on the couch for 8 hours straight, you gotta figure something is not right. But, nooo Tony took it as an opportunity to do nothing at all, because hey if I'm not doing anything, why should he?

Today is the last day of school. I can't believe that Aisy will be in the 3rd grade next year! It's just mind blowing. Wanna know what else is mind blowing? Every night when she goes to bed, she READS A BOOK TO HERSELF. A chapter book! She reads some here and there, and gets through it in a few days. I am so proud of her.

Her Girl Scout thing went well. She got 3 try it patches, and a bunch of fun patches for the back of her vest. She started late, so she didn't get as many as the other girls. We can work on them at home this summer though, which will be fun. There was one girl there that was bridging from Brownies to Juniors and she had done so with honors! Which means she earned all 62 try it patches! That's a lot of work. We're not going to do that of course. I figured one a week would be good, it will give us a goal for the week, and keep her busy. I don't want to push her though. She has picked her first one, so we'll work on that one next week. It has something to do with puppets or something. She has to make different kinds of puppets. She went to get a sock to get started last night, but sock puppets wasn't one of the options, so she left the sock on the table while we looked. In the background as Aislinn, Tony and I were talking I could hear Jonny like screaming. Not in a hurt way, just in a having fun kid way. Finally it registered that he was saying "Whatcha reading?" in a different voice. I look over and he was ducked down, with a dirty sock on his hand (I guess Aislinn got one out of the dirty clothes pile) and the sock was asking us over and over "Whatcha reading" We were cracking up, but we wouldn't answer, and the sock kept getting more and more insistent on learning what we were reading. We were dying!! Finally he gave up, and when he stood up he saw us laughing. I said "Jonny you have a dirty sock on your hand" and he said "No it's not" and I told him to smell it, and he did and he said "EW yucky". I am telling you, that kid is a crack up. I can't wait until we go back home in August, because I think people will be surprised to how different he is. He was so shy when we left. He still is shy, but once he gets comfortable, he starts goofing around and it's so funny. He cracks people up everywhere we go.

I love my kids.

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