Friday, June 6, 2008

My morning routine

Wake up the FIRST time the alarm goes off for Tony, and thank the stars that it's HIS alarm and not mine.
Wake up when my alarm goes off
Contemplate for half a second on hitting the snooze, choose not to.
Lay there for three minutes exactly
Get up, yell at Aislinn to get up on my way to tinkle
Yell at Aislinn to get up on my way downstairs
Get downstairs and try really hard NOT to have conversations with Tony
Yell up the stairs for Aisy to get up
Stand on scale even though I said I was only going to do it once a week
Depending on scale, I either heave sigh or smile.
Take my blood sugar
Pour coffee into cup
Argue with Aislinn that YES I did wake her up several times
Put Splenda in coffee
Ask Aislinn what she wants for breakfast
Put cream in my coffee
Ask Aislinn AGAIN what she wants for breakfast
Take a sip
Yell at Ais that it's now 7:15 and she had better pick something for breakfast!
Get Aislinn her bfast even though she is more than capable
prod her to eat
prod her to eat
prod her to eat
Trying hard not yell
Dancing from foot to foot nervously as the clock ticks toward 7:30 and she's taken ONE bite of cereal.
Snatch food bowl away as she cries about how HUNGRY she is
Try really hard not to bang head on wall
Get her up the stairs to brush her teeth
After five minutes yelling at her to HURRY UP and get down here
Watch as she stretches her shirt out to some unrecognizable form
Try not to scream that she is going to be late
Watches as she brushes her hair
Send her out the door with a kiss and wave


Our new couch comes today and I'm so excited! My legs hurt from walking for hours in my flip flops. Its crazy.

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