Sunday, June 8, 2008

Mama makes it better

So, I've been doing my low carb thing, and for the most part enjoying the HELL out of it. I really am. I am eating things I usually can't eat with any other weight loss program. Chicken wings anyone? Mmmm Tony makes the BEST chicken wings. Don't get me wrong, I do miss certain things. Like ketchup. I'd love to slather some ALL over my eggs. Oh and IHOP is having their Pancakes across America promotion. What does that mean? It means I spend a lot of time trying to convince myself that I REALLY don't want carrot cake pancakes with cream cheese icing. No REALLY I DON'T I SWEAR IT! Oooh my tummy just growled.

Although the food is awesome, and I enjoy it, I've only lost seven pounds. I read about people who do low carb who lose like 12 lbs in the first WEEK. Why can't I be that kind of person? I've been kind of upset about it. I've started obsessively logging my food intake on I've calculated some formula I found, and have tried to eat that much in food, since that is supposed to be the best for weight loss when low carbing. I've stopped eating as much cheese, and no more nuts. Becuase I ONLY lost SEVEN measly, stinking pounds. I've peed on almost fifty ketone sticks in almost three weeks. Since getting in ketosis I have remained in ketosis, so why I need to constantly need to pee on the sticks for reassurance is beyond me.

I called my mom today, and started to boohoo to her about how I've been doing this almost a month and only managed to lose sniff sniff seven measly, stinking pounds. Yet, she saw it differently. She saw it as I lost SEVEN WHOLE POUNDS GONE FOR GOOD. She made me feel good and PROUD that I lost those seven pounds.

I got to thinking, and though I started on the 15th, I had a few falste starts. I had a carbofest on the 24th when we went to the Strawberry festival that included a cheesesteak, two beef and cheddars and a large order of potato bites from Arby's annnd some regular soda. Then I had some chips a few days later. When I finally got "serious" I had issues with regulating my cheese, and almonds. So, I guess seven pounds after THAT is a good thing. It jsut seems like I've been stucking seven lbs forever. Ok like a week.


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Anonymous said...

I just stumbled upon your blog and I really enjoy reading it! You have a wonderful family and I would love to continue reading it but your background (black with white type) gives me a headache. I'm not suggesting to change it, just letting you know.
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