Monday, June 30, 2008

I was a total bitch to Tony yesterday. I haven't been that angry in a long time though. I made the mistake of taking his car to the store. I use the word car loosely. It was more like a garbage can on wheels. I mean, if you were to go in my van right now, it isn't clean. There is stuff on the floor. Towels, my shopping bags are scattered. Things like that. Not FILTH though.

I was so embarrassed I had to drive the car to a car wash and clean it out before I went to a store. I didn't at all want to be associated with that disgusting dump on wheels. I think I counted 25 or so empty packs of cigarettes and about 10 empty cans of slim fast. And he wondered why his car stunk? Slim Fast has MILK in it assclown. No wonder it smelled sour in there.

Tony smokes, and he is so different from other people who I know or knew that smoked, and smoked in their car, including myself. As a smoker, you are aware that the smell of smoke offends (everyone that is but Tony) you don't WANT to smell like smoke. Even if it's freezing cold, and you're driving down the highway, you roll down the windows (both of them) and hang the cigarette out, only bringing it in to take a puff. You NEVER flick the ashes inside the car, the ashtray is used like a non smoker... for change. When you get where you go, you pop a mint, and then you're done.

No not Tony. When Tony walks in a room, you SMELL it. It's annoying. I don't like the smell, and he wonders why when he comes home from work I don't want him hugging me or kissing me. That may sound hypocritical since I smoked, but this is how it was when I smoked. I took great pains not to reek, and he didn't. He's got that "I don't give a fuck" attitude that drives me nuts. You don't give a fuck that you reek? That you STINK?!?! So, he smokes with the windows UP driving around in that Kia Rio, and he flicks the ashes into a coke can. This makes no sense to me why he wouldn't just use the ashtray. At least he would have a bigger hole to aim for. So ashes are EVERYWHERE and he uses the coke can until it's full. So, not only does he smoke with the windows UP, he sits in the car with a slowly smoldering cigarette burning on a filter of another cigarette.

I got home and I wsa furious. He got furious back and said that it was his car and therefore none of my business, and that no one sees him get out of that car at work blah blah blah. I said "What about the neighbors who walk BY the car? Did you ever think about what they think?" This is when his "I don't give a fuck" attitude comes back into play. Well I DO. There, I said it.

We pretty much bickered all night about this and other stuff. It wasn't a very good night.

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