Saturday, June 28, 2008

Saturday night means PAR-TAY!

Party for other folks that is. Not for us. Just regular old married parents fun. We got rid of one kid tonight, and the other one sleeps early, so we may get all wild and wacky and STEAM CLEAN our carpets. Woohoo! We'll make a big old pot of coffee, and steam clean the HECK out of these rugs.

That's what I WANT to do, but Tony is not so hip on the idea. I just hate carpet, and ours is really gross. I want to be able to playgroups here and as of right now, my carpet is just too gross to have strangers over. Tony also needs to cut the grass which is nothing less than effing ridiculous at this point. I'm trying really hard not to "harp" on it, but it's really tall in spots.

He is going to be gone most of the month of July, and it's going to suck, but that's the Navy life for you. If it means he can come home with us in August, then it will be worth it. I can't believe the summer is like almost over! It just seems like it started. It's already almost July!

We got the kids a cheapie pool, and damn that's the best fifteen bucks we've spent. They have been in it everday all day. Even though they really can't do much in it, they still have a good time just playing. Today, the girl down the street came over and swam too. They had a blast. I figured it was the least we could do, let her swim in our pool since Aislinn is always over there playing.

Today we assigned Aislinn her first chore. She has this really bad habit of dropping food everywhere when she eats. Even when you point it out, she won't pick it up. So, her new chore is to vacuum the dining room. She was all like "Cool! That sounds like fun." But, when it came down to it, she was like "The vacuum is too loud, I don't want to do THIS chore" I explained that a chore wasn't negotioable, that it's assigned and if she didn't get it done, she wasn't going to her sleepover. Needless to say she got it done, and if it helps her realize to stop eating like a slob, bonus. She is really bad. Jonathan eats cleaner than she does.

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