Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Second week of summer vacay and this is what it has become

Eating her bread into animal shapes, and then demanding I take a picture. Maybe a trip to the park is in order this week.

It's hard. It's already second week and the kids are playing Wii WAY more than I expected them to. The girl down the street can no longer play during the week since her super fun, yet super expensive summer camp lasts until five. Aislinn is pretty good about it, not whining until you tell her that maybe sitting in front of the Wii for six straight hours isn't such a good idea. But, she's bored. I know she is. Our yard is crap, the grass is tall and the yard is small. Tomorrow I plan on taking them to the park. Thursday we have a playgroup thing which is far from the house. Sigh I really wish I could find more things to do around HERE. Even the pools are a good drive away, so is the beach.

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